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Civic Conflux

To identify a place or a neighbourhood which has an importance for it socially, politically and
environmentally in the city. The approach to the design purely depends on the context. For that,
the knowledge of the context is mandatory. Study about the context and layers of influence and
happenings should be mapped properly.


The program and architectural interventions are derived based on the diversity of the
context, which is found to be the essence of this particular spot in George Town. Diversity is exhibited in a numerous manner and mapping those would lead to the greater picture of connections established.


This elaborates the relationship of the built and open space at the confluence of zones. The density inside George town is phenomenal and this particular junction breaks this phenomenon and does not respond to the neighbouring context.

The purpose of the design is to establish meaning in the life’s of the people in the
neighbourhood since they belong to a locality of greater significance in the city. The pavilion
succeeds in achieving that and the provision of amenities along the street, edges solve the
functional aspects of intervention.

Studio Instructors
Prof. Rajeswari | Ar. Pramod Balakrishnan

6 Weeks


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