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Urban Lakes Restoration

As existing lakes continue to face the pressure of neglect and unplanned growth, it is high time
that we wake up to the importance of lakes and recognize how they significantly contribute to
environmental, social and economic functions such as providing a source of drinking water,
recharging groundwater, acting as a sponge to control flooding, supporting biodiversity
and providing livelihoods.


A scientific approach to the study and analysis of issues, extending beyond the lake and its
immediate precincts would lead onto the design proposal that best addresses the
issues at hand and helps revitalize the lake. It is essential to bear in mind that for the
the solution to be an effective one it has to take an ecosystem approach and understand
the significance of the lake’s watershed, catchments and shoreline. The project would
also have to look at involving the community to build a sense of belonging and ownership into
the design solution for greater sustainability.

Studio Instructors
Prof. Rajeswari | Prof. Premamani

4 Weeks


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