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Integrated Institution


Photographer - Noah Menard

The scope for establishing the link between the education, impacts of industries, and research development could only be brought by finding their position concerning each other.

Architecture always has a significant role in contemplating and creating the learning spaces, and the intent will be achieving the same in inclusion with the environment and sustainable aspects. Innovative handling of these entities and integrating them with context will be the role of the design approach. The programmatic zoning is developed from the site analysis. And based on the integration of the three different programs, the placement of the typologies are formulated.

Through site study and a series of pragmatic approaches, the master plan is evolved. The process of weaving the possibilities of each typology in terms, vehicular access and industrial service, maps intersperse of activities within site. Integrated Institution is a model for the context-specific manufacturing industries. This typology ensures the bridge between industrial activities and technical education are intact and will be the solution for the lack of skilled labor with specialized knowledge.

Thesis mentors
Prof. Meena Kumari | Yuvaraj | Santhakumar

24 Weeks


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