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Roads to Rails | Greenwich, London

Deptford Creek is a South London neighborhood straddles the Greenwich and Lewisham boroughs. It has a coast on the River Thames. The Deptford Creek, a tidal water body that bisects the neighborhood, has direct access to the Thames River. Presently, it is an area in an uncomfortable transition from industrial to residential. 


The proposal revitalizes Deptford Creek, Greenwich, into a thriving neighborhood that promotes health, entrepreneurship, and community connectedness, driven by robust investment in public transit and mobility. 


The design proposes two new tram lines and several mobility interventions to help reduce reliance on private vehicles, improve North-South connectivity and give people more transit options. The tram network catalyzes the three corridors, connecting the industry, culture, creek, and community to activate the neighborhood within our new proposed design strategy.


Improving mobility in Deptford Creek is central to our community regeneration strategy. Our approach centers on multi modal connectivity that addresses congestion, air quality, reliability, and safety. Our proposal supports the idea that effective mobility networks can catalyze a model of sustainability in the city, generating thriving economic centers, vibrant cultural life, sustainable energy, and social cohesion.


This district energy proposal highlights the great potential for urban renewable energy production. While the pier harvests energy from the Thames river through tidal flow, the tram lines produce energy from transit-activated wind turbines.


The landscapes use the creek and create an interconnected network of wetlands and gardens through a biophilic design approach, greening the neighborhood. 


Deptford Creek transforms from a neighborhood in transition to a live, work, play community strengthened by a thoughtful multi-modal connectivity strategy and enhanced creek engagement. 

Team Members
Dhruv Vairagi, Jingyao Yu and Sophia Aitken


12 Weeks

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